The question is, does alignment matter?  Let's use one of my students as an example.

The student thought he was aligned to his target, but in fact he was aimed 20-30 yards left. I kept quiet and had him hit some drivers on flightscope. Check out the numbers...

His total distance with a driver was 169.9 yards, with spin rate of over 5800rpm and a spin axis of over 15 degrees right. Not a good combination for hitting it long or in the fairway.

We changed his alignment and had him hit a few more shots on flightscope to see what the change in alignment did to his swing numbers. Interestingly enough his path and swing plane continued to swing quite a bit to the left, but his face began to show up closed.

So we then began to work on shifting the swing path and plane to the right.  His club face was a little inconsistent and began to open, but take a look at the other numbers...he picked up 60 yards!

So we then began to work on face awareness. The numbers began to neutralize(picture below) and he started hitting it in the fairway.  Now he was both longer and straighter.

The fact of the matter is that poor alignment can change both your perception of direction and swing dynamics rather quickly.  As you saw from this student,  alignment issues tremendously affected his club face, swing path and swing plane; leading to no directional control and a loss of distance.  So before your swing breaks down completely and you loose control, be sure to check your alignment.