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Optimum Swing System

Each individual is unique and has acquired different skill sets depending on their athletic background, flexibility, body types and life experiences: therefore, no two students can swing exactly alike. So discover the optimum swing for YOU!


A swing built just for you!

Develop more consistency!

Instantly gain up to 20 yards on your drives!

Hit your irons closer to the hole!

Maximize your capabilities and work around your limitations!

Drop up to 7 shots in the first year!

Enjoy the game like never before!

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Currently teaching in the Clearwater / Tampa area.

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Hear What Students Are Saying...


My goal was to reduce my handicap by five shots. I achieved my goal and could not have done it without Chris’s help!”
— Dr. Guarino (Florida)
It truly was an awesome experience and one that we will share with others. Your collective patience, ability to assess our opportunities quickly and respectful / fun approach to helping us improve was great. The facilities and area were pretty fantastic too!
— Jim (Pennsylvania)
Great Lesson. Easy to understand! You are so patient, perceptive, and communicate perfectly. Thanks a bunch!
— Ted (Florida)
I have taken a considerable number of golf lessons over my 25 years of playing Chris, and without a doubt, you are the best instructor I have ever worked with!!
— Jeff (New York)