Chipping: Back to Basics

Complimentary Educational Video Series

The video series below will take you through the fundamentals of chipping . You will start off learning about the setup, stroke and distance control. Then you will work your way through various skill building exercises that focus on technique and game like situations.

( Warning: Videos may be slightly dark and/or hazy. Sun did not cooperate during the video shoot, so I decided to make the series complimentary.)


Definition of a Chip

Also Known as the “Flying Putt”, a chip is a shot played from close to the green.

Neutral Roll

A chip should roll out like a putt. This makes the shot easier to control.


Proper positioning and alignment help make the swing easier to execute.


Some players prefer a putting grip, while others use a normal grip.

Ideal Chipping Station

A player should always have a practice station while working on his or her game.


Correct form promotes consistency and consistency leads to better scores.

Technique Building Exercises

Distance Control

Distance Control System Explained

Distance Control System Application

Game Like Training