The first thing in our process is to conduct an assessment of the players skill sets. We evaluate the players complete game to establish what the players strengths and weaknesses are. This allows us to effectively measure the students aptitude and move forward to helping them achieve success.

Goal Setting

Now that we know where the players aptitude is, it's time to see what the students ambitions are. Goal setting is extremely important in order to guide the student in the proper direction to achieve success. The goals must be specific, concise, and achievable.

Develop Plan

Once the students goals are clear, we can move forward and develop a personalized training program that fits their lifestyle. The program will include everything from private instruction to supervised practice sessions and even playing/practicing requirements.

Implement Plan

This is where the fun begins. Through the combination of first class instruction, a superior golf coaching system, performance enhancing technology, and on course integration strategies we will create the optimum learning environment for achieving success! This one of a kind learning environment will allow the students to effectively acquire proper technique, dynamic skill sets, mental strategies, and course management tactics.

Test Progress

Making sure that the students stay on track is a priority. In order to ensure consistent progression, we constantly monitor their skills through various assessments and stat tracking programs.