Jeff’s Testimonial: Jeff Recently shot a 69, his best score ever!

Chris started working with Mark just as he turned 4. It became transparent from the very first lesson that Coach Chris’s passion for engaging junior golfers is rivaled only by his ability to connect with kids at the early age. This allows Chris to teach golf fundamentals through fun, without a child even noticing it.

Though Mark’s golf game is still developing, it is Chris Ardolina who set him on the right path. Thank you Coach!
— Alex M (Chicago)
My goal was to reduce my handicap by five shots. I achieved my goal and could not have done it without Chris’s help!
— Dr. G (Florida)
This is awesome!!!!!! I really like the changes and are committed to them. I have taken a considerable number of golf lessons over my 25 years of playing Chris, and without a doubt, you are the best instructor I have ever worked with!!

I have been struggling to find the “right” swing for me and to eliminate the “s” word from my game and I really think we are onto something.
— Jeff S. (New York)
Chris, your short game techniques and patience have helped me immensely
— Martin (Florida)

Brad’s Testimonial: Brad recently scored under par for 18 holes for the first time!

The golf school was a great time and extremely insightful. There is no doubt that each of us gained good and valuable insight regarding how to improve our game. Thank you for committing your time and effort to help us get better.

It truly was an awesome experience and one that we will share with others. Your collective patience, ability to assess our opportunities quickly and respectful / fun approach to helping us improve was great. The facilities and area were pretty fantastic too!
— Jim P. (Pennsylvania)
Your technical analysis of my weaknesses and insight into means of improvement has helped me to develop and improve my golf game and enjoy playing more.
— Stuart K (New Jersey)
That analysis of my terrible swing was amazing, especially since I am a visual person. Very easy to understand that problem. I can’t believe that you’ve taken the time to show all of us, exactly what’s going on. It’s a lot more than I’ve ever gotten out of a lesson or clinic!
— Jon R (Florida)